+Fran. 7teen . Italy this is my blog dedicated for most to the english band Coldplay!" but it's also a multifandom blog! sometimes i'm crazyforedsheeran

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Coldplay: Ghost Stories The Film - Magic [x]

“Because the world is so crazy and colorful and scary and amazing that I just feel like every day we’re given is a real blessing. And also, it makes you put everything into that day or that song.” - Chris Martin

“My whole day is a mixture of optimism and pessimism in its most extreme forms. And that’s what X&Y is to me. It’s two sides. I like the fact they’re very strong letters, very clear.” (Chris Martin) - Happy 9th anniversary X&Y! (Released on June 6, 2005)


After 1867451684 hours, I am finally finished with my tribute to Coldplay.